Monday, September 20, 2010

The Next Day - Jaguars at Chargers

My week 2 thoughts the day after the Chargers game.

Wow, what is there to say? The team played well in all aspects of the game. There were way too many turnovers, and that wasn't cool, but the defense got plenty of takeaways.

So here's my summary:


*Philip Rivers - What can I say? He's always good!

*The defense was aggressive. Sacks, QB hits, turnovers, I liked it all. At least one of the pick's came because Garrard was getting hit as he tried to throw and the ball just popped up.

*Mike Tolbert could be our starter. I would like to see him get his carries, kind of mix it up with Ryan Mathews. Keep both of them fresh.

*Antoine Cason is proving that the Chargers were right in trusting him to take over Antonio Cromartie's CB spot.


*The turnovers. The picks might have been dropped or off of receiver's hands, but Rivers wasn't always perfect on the throws. A better throw, an easier catch, and it's a completion.

*The return game. Sproles averaged 18 yards per return yesterday. I'd like to see Sproles return to being that guy who was a major threat as a returner. Maybe it's the blocking, I'm not sure, but I do want to see better returns.

And that's it for this week! Next week, the Chargers head up to Seattle!

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