Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Next Day - Chargers at Chiefs

Week 1

My weekly thoughts after having a day to think about the week's Charger game.

Even though I've had time, my thoughts on last night's game are pretty much the same. San Diego should have won that game. Kansas City really had 3 big plays: the big run by Charles, the punt return by McCluster and the forced fumble. Outside of that, the Chiefs couldn't convert on 3rd down and couldn't drive the ball. San Diego had their times in the game where they couldn't move either, but also had times where they couldn't be stopped. So what are the good and bad things to take from this game?

The Good
*The defense looked good. Other than the one big run, the Chiefs were held to 141 net yards. I'm sure part of this is on the Chiefs offense, but the Chargers defense was good.

*Philip Rivers can lead a comeback. If my team is down by a touchdown with 2 minutes to go, he is one of the few quarterbacks I want leading my team.

*Antonio Gates is a beast. The Chiefs had to double and triple team him to take him away.

The Bad
*The punt coverage. Need I say more? I wish I could find stats on hangtime, but it seemed to me like the Scifres wasn't getting as much hangtime as he normally does. Maybe I'm wrong.

*The receivers need to step up. They had their moments, but when Kansas City was attacking Gates, it seemed like there wasn't anyone picking up the slack, or maybe no one that Rivers felt comfortable/trusted enough to throw the ball to.

Next week the Chargers return home to face the Jacksonville Jaguars. Kassim Osgood returns to San Diego, and he'll probably be fired up now after catching a touchdown last week. I think the return home will help the Chargers get the victory.

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