Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Loving the Olympics

Something about this years Olympics has had me mesmorized. Maybe because I'm getting older, maybe because I just enjoy sports more than I did when I was young, I don't know. But I've watched most of the Women's Volleyball matches (well, the US anyway), all of Michael Phelps races, and spent plenty of other time watching other events (including a good chunk of the women's marathon).
I'm not sure if it's the story lines, or just that the US has become fairly dominant in a few events, but it's something. Perhaps because people like Phelps, or May-Treanor and Walsh are so good, that you just have to watch. And stepping away from the US, Usain Bolt is inhuman. That guy is ridiculously fast. I'd love to see what he could do if he truly finished out a race instead of letting up.
Anyway, the Beach Volleyball finals should be on soon, so I'm off to go catch that!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

We got engaged

Yep. This weekend I proposed and Erin said yes. So with the house
purchased, we are now one step closer to really being a family. And
that feels good.

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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Paying To See The Dark Knight in IMAX

So we just got back from seeing "The Dark Knight" in IMAX. Movie's still awesome, IMAX was even awesomer.
But today told me a lot about what I think about this movie. I don't pay to go to the theater to see a movie. Unless it's something I'm waiting for (Yes, I will go to the theater for the next Harry Potter movie), I generally wait until it's out on DVD to see a movie. Well, that's the plan anyway. I usually end up waiting until it shows up on Fox or USA or something. Or I never see it.
So the point is, I don't like to pay and go to the theater for every movie that comes out (we do make it probably 6-8 time per year still), so it says a lot that we've now paid both matinee price and IMAX price to see the Dark Knight.
And I will most definitely get it when it's out on DVD.