Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Vader Project

On June 12, 2010, we took a trip down to Los Angeles to check out The Vader Project. 100 artists were each given a replica of the Darth Vader helmet and asked to make something with it. The helmets have been on tour and were on display in Los Angeles before making the trip to Pennsylvania to be auctioned off. The day we chose to head down, there happened to be 25 of the artists available to sign the catalog. I have to say, all of the artists were incredibly nice, and I really appreciated that they were there.

Below are some of the pictures we took. As you can see, the artists took their projects in all different directions, using all sorts of different materials.

If you want more information about The Vader Project, go to If you get a chance to see it before the art goes on auction, I highly recommend it!

(Click on the picture to see a bigger version)

"The Revenge of Mr. Hahn" by Joe Hahn

"Darth Bacon" by Dan Goodsell

"Carmen Mirandarth" by Girls Drawin Girls

"Nauga-Vader" by Paul Frank

"Unavader" by Ferg

"Full Metal Vader" by Eelus

"Darth from Above" by Marc Ecko

"Untitled" by Dehara

"Hanus" by Jim Koch

"Spy Vader Spy" by Peter Kuper

"Untitled" by Mad

"Darth Banana" by Mad Barbarians

"Praise the Lord" by Plasticgod

"Son of the Suns" by Suckadelic

"Untitled" by T9G

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