Sunday, June 6, 2010

Author Jonathan Maberry Visited This Site(!)

So about a week ago, before I went on vacation, I posted a review of the book "Patient Zero" by Jonathan Maberry (Read the review by clicking here.)

Shortly after it was posted, I received a comment on the post from none other than the author of the book. How freaking awesome is that? He thanked me for the review, and mentioned some of the other Joe Ledger books that are out and coming up. During my vacation I did finish The Dragon Factory (so a review should come soon), and started one of his other novels, Dead Man's Song. Maberry is definitely turning into one of my favorite authors, and that position will be cemented if Dead Man's Song turns out to be awesome.

But the news in the comment was also exciting, that there are at least 3 more Joe Ledger novels coming in the future, and I can say that I'll be watching to pre-order them as soon as I can!

Ok, I'm done geeking out about that. Thank you for stopping by!

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