Saturday, July 3, 2010

Last Night I Rose From the Dead

Yesterday a friend of mine sent me some info about a movie that was being filmed locally that needed extras for a scene. Basically the call was for "100 zombies." She said she immediately thought of me, and lucky for me, I was free to do it!

**Edit, Ok, it looks like I might have gotten some of the bio info a little wrong. Clay Von Thomas might not be from Fresno, but I do know a lot of the actors were**

The working title is "Biohazard," and it was directed by Clay Von Thomas. I looked up a little and found out that he's from the Fresno area, and most of the actors were from the area as well, so it was definitely a locally filmed indie movie. Here is a little page I found with some information (although not much) about the movie:

I got to the location around 6, they started applying latex makeup pretty quickly, and then there was lots of waiting. They told us we'd start doing the big scene with all the zombies around 9. But as these things tend to go, it was a little late. I'm guessing it was around 11 when we started doing the scene, and it took a couple of hours. Actually, the time went flying by once the filming started. But it was a pretty mellow night in Fresno, so it wasn't unbearably hot or anything, which was great.

Below are a few pictures I took. I had a lot more, but something went funky, and they're not on my camera anymore. The first one is me with the first layer of makeup, and the second one is me at the end of the night. The last two pictures are just big shots of lots of the other extras getting their makeup done.

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Badcat said...

LOL someone from the Geology department at CSUF was in there too!