Monday, May 10, 2010

Today I Got a Bag of Crap

Shoppers at will understand my excitement when I got home today and found a woot! box with my bag of crap waiting for me! This is the first bag of crap I've been able to get from woot, and the fact that it was here was even more exciting because the package tracking was apparently messed up and showed the package as being in a different city, with expected delivery 3 days from now.

For those who don't shop at woot, let me give you a brief overview. has one deal a day, sometimes it's new, sometimes it's refurbished, but it's always a good deal. It ranges from computers to baby seats to roombas, and pretty much anything in between. The bag of crap is at least 3 random things sent to you, and you only pay $3 plus $5 shipping, so it's a crapshoot, and it always sells out fast. Like I said, this is the first time I've managed to get a bag of crap, and this video shows what I got!

To summarize, there was a mini tripod, a camera bag, a pair of kid sized headphones, a slinky jr, an action figure, and a fleece baby blanket

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