Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Heads Will Roll (iPod & iPhone app)

So a friend recently told me about this game called "Head's Will Roll" in the Apple app store. It's only 99 cents, and she said it was fun, so I figured a dollar was worth a try. In the game you start with a head with various different faces to choose from, and it just falls down. You tilt your device back and forth to make it roll different directions, and go through the openings to continue falling. You get points for each level your head falls down. You lose when your head is caught at the top of the falling screen. You can collect extra heads to get more points, and give yourself that extra head in case one gets caught at the top. There are clocks you can tap to slow down the game temporarily, and bombs that explode the levels so you fall way down and get a bunch of points.
Probably the best part for me is the leaderboard. There is a worldwide leaderboard, but you can also narrow it down geographically. At one point I had the highest score within 375 miles. So it makes it easy to keep track of your nearby friends high scores.
This game reminds me a lot of a program I had called "Falldown" on my old TI-86 that I would play during class. Definitely worth the dollar it costs to buy it. Go check out "Heads Will Roll" on the App Store.

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