Sunday, May 4, 2008

Busy Times

So what's up with me? Got moved into the house. Lots of landscaping work. OK, we took out weeds and put in some new flowers and plants. Not all that big of a deal. Busy at work (put in 49 hours last week). Poor Molly Mouse had to be put to sleep. But there are big plans in the works at least, right? Well, no. Weekends have been pretty busy with getting things put together here at the house, and when we aren't doing that, we've had prior commitments.
Until today.
It is so nice to just sleep in, get up and watch some TV, then eat lunch and get ready to head out (OK, I did mow the lawn in the middle there, but that didn't take too long). Went to Target, did some shopping, went to Petsmart, and they had some super cute cats. One was older, about 6 years, but he just looked soft and squishy. Then there were two super cute little kittens, one black, one cream colored, both sleeping and dreaming away. But we held back (my boss has a couple kittens about 5 weeks old that we're going to take as soon as they're old enough to be away from the mother). Then off to Erin's folks place to check in on their animals. Then back home, went for a walk, ate some dinner and just relaxed. Very nice.
Why am I writing this? I dunno, it just sort of happened, and now you can't have those 5 minutes back. Sorry

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