Friday, March 14, 2008

Kid Rock

So I recently I stumbled across an old CD with some Kid Rock stuff on it and have been listening all week. I remember when he first came out, I couldn't stand him. Strange, because I was way into the rap-metal style that was huge at the time. I had all the KoRn albums, I listened to Limp Bizkit, that kind of stuff. But something about Kid Rock just annoyed me. Honestly, I don't think I ever really listened to it and I decided I didn't like it. I remember when American Badass came out, I was upset that he had used music from Metallica and sang/rapped/whatever over it.
When I found the old music, I also found a video clip from Woodstock '99, and man, he really did the whole "white trash" look great. Long, greasy hair, no shirt, super skinny. But somehow he pulled it off. He was super arrogant, but now I'm listening to some of these old songs, and I can't help but nod my head as I'm listening to it. It's just a great beat, and I'm not really sure why I never gave it a chance before.

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