Saturday, December 15, 2007

Dead Days - Games, Girls & Gags

The new book by comic artist John Rios. I've loved Dead Days since I started at Fresno State in 2001 when it was printed in the Collegian. By the next year, it was the only reason to pick up the paper (hint: the Collegian sucks, and only had a few good writers/editors to begin with, then they graduated). After John graduated (I assume), I stopped seeing the comics in the papers, but a couple of years later, it reappeared! And I was reuinted with such awesome characters as "Math Major Man" and the 2 guys cat! In the last year, I've caught up with Dead Days, read through the entire archive, and been keeping up with the weekly updates, and it is easily my favorite internet-based comic. Just received the new book, "Games, Girls & Gags" in the mail, along with John's old book, "Cram Sessions." Like any comic collection, it's just reprints of the old comics, but there's just something about holding the book in my hand and being able to read the comic on the john instead of at my computer. So to John Rios, I give a big "thumbs up!" and I look forward to future Dead Days work!
If you're interested in Dead Days, there is a link to the website to your right or click here: Dead Days

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