Friday, January 18, 2008

300 MPG for $30K?

There is a company that has designed a vehicle (the Aptera) that they claim can get 300 miles per gallon, and it will cost less than $30,000.

It is supposed to go to production next October, and you can reserve one for a refundable deposit of $500. This vehicle really intrigues me. It would be classified as a motorcycle, have 3 wheels, and is going to be highway-ready. Some of the features sound great, like the solar panels that would run the air conditioning on hot days while the car is parked (and can also help to recharge the battery while you drive). I want to see what this car is like once it hits regular production, but I could imagine myself driving it.
I'll be keeping track of this company for the next few months, and who knows, maybe I'll end up with one!


David said...

The Jetsons?!

Stacy Morley said...

Lovvely blog you have